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Freedom in the mind, pride in our souls, here’s an ode to our India on its 72nd Republic Day🙏🏽
#HappyRepublicDay #RepublicDay #ThePresidentsBodyguard #Chandrayaan2 #IndiaFromAbove #TheGreatIndianElection #InsideIndianNavalAcademy

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📣 New Podcast! "Horizonte de Eventos - Episódio 6 - Vikram É Encontrado na Lua" on @Spreaker #astrofisica #astronomia #astronautica #chandrayaan2 #cosmologia #espaco #horizontedeeventos #lua #sistemasolar #spacetoday #universo #vikram #india

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Here we are talking about #chandrayaan2 and #mars
and a common journalist from a stupid news channel was chatting about #BalakotAirStrike even before it happened

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@SunainaHoley Enemy is Panauti #Modi Wherever Panauti goes bad luck follows him. Panauti went to US for Trump support. #Trump lost, #Chandrayaan2 failed because Panauti was there, #GDP is falling since panauti took control. #ModiPanauti

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@iqrarulhassan If you can't develop something better don't go for it. Remember, They also tried to send #chandrayaan2 ? What's your take on it?

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On completion of one year of the orbiter being in #space , Isro had said that the spacecraft was ‘healthy’, performance of subsystems were normal, and there was adequate onboard fuel to remain operational for about seven years.

#Chandrayaan2 #India

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Why Chandrayaan-2 wasn't a failure ? ISRO/ India moon landing, a tribute to @isro @PMOIndia , please like or subscribe if you liked the video
#Chandrayaan3 #Chandrayaan2 #ISRO #vikramlander #pragyanrover #space #moonlanding #appolomission #NASA #India

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A small example is how @narendramodi ji's visit to launch center during #Chandrayaan2 mission helped. The center was on TV screens and on web like never before may b 1st time ever. It would have stimulated curiosity among so many kids. #science needs popular narratives

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#marketing when used well can unlock huge values. In this case it can help popularise space #science and #technology among students, kids. Look at the pull & aspiration @NASA has as a brand. Why can't @isro hv the same?

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First set of #Chandrayaan2 payload's data are publicly released for wider science use. ||@Vibhanw18

For details visit

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Yeah that's Scott Manley! #Chandrayaan2

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India's Chandrayaan 2 Reveals Highest Resolution Images Of The Moon From...

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India's #Chandrayaan2 Reveals Highest Resolution Images Of The Moon From Orbit. 🌕🛰️ #craters #boulders 👍 @YouTube

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Scott Manley a pris le temps (et a fait tourner les bons logiciels) pour produire des images à partir des nouvelles données publiques de #Chandrayaan2 !
De belles surprises, mais aussi des déceptions : au final, il y a bien peu de données...

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Chandrayaan-2 Mission : Initial data release - ISRO #chandrayaan2

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Best and brightest at work again.

Software glitch resulted in RUD (Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly) of Indian lander #Chandrayaan2

Check in later this year where they crash land @intel
No #s386 No #hr1044 No #opt

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For all #Space and #MachineLearning enthusiasts. now we have publicly available data from some of the #Chandrayaan2 payload.

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@sudhakardas @isro @PMOIndia
@DoPTGoI Extension of #ISROChief ? Is it a right signal? After #Chandrayaan2 crashing no further progress is made. Is there any shortage of brilliant leaders ? If extensions are routine how better talents will come up?. He is Brilliant but give chance to others.

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@madhukishwar @isro It's okay and we accept that there might be some vested interests failing Chandrayan-II but still we shouldn't label the most trusted organization in open, let govt take the actions।


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@madhukishwar @isro #Chandrayaan2 was widely successful.
Do you know that India was only 4th country in the world to attempt a soft landing on Moon and 1st country to attempt soft landing on SouthPole of Moon The Orbiter was successfully placed in lunar orbiter.
You've tweeted like an immature kid!

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👇👇👇 That's why you should avoid drinking Kerolox before tweeting
#ISRO #Chandrayaan2

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We have differences on issues. But in this case, I completely agree with you. @isro #Chandrayaan2 mission failed because of fundamental issues that need to be investigated by a high-level committee. Crying like a child won't absolve of wrong committed.

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And #Chandrayaan2 was successful mission. Landing attempt was failed which is the most difficult part in entire mission & no other country ever tried to land on south pole, but we tried in first attempt. I am proud of @isro .

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1) Is it a question/sarcasm while saying "If he is widely respected"?
2) The public would also request to tell us what the "eminent" insiders told about the different pictures so that we are also aware of it.

And yes #Chandrayaan2 failed but still, it was an exceptional effort.

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@madhukishwar @isro Who are you to have any issue with ISRO chief?
Nobody cares about your hidden sources when we have eminent scientists publicly hailing #Chandrayaan2 mission.

Forget about science, it's time you learn the difference between constructive criticism & ill-mannered uncivil behavior.

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Auntyjii ko limelight me aana h..
#ISRO #Chandrayaan2

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If u have facts or proof than Why did u delete your tweet?Have u any information from your known insiders then show proof.
#ISRO #Chandrayaan2

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Bhai ye 50rs tweet wale hn..
#ISRO #Chandrayaan2

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@madhukishwar @isro ISRO is pride of our nation. You don't have any right to say about #Chandrayaan2 and ISRO . I am thankful to God because I am born in india whose have ISRO DRDO BARC and many research centres.
ISRO inspired many countries to come forward in scientific research.

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Happy new yr. We bother what is out come. That particular moment can't forget since it has huge inspiration among youngsters who aspire space tech and inspire many to aspire in space tech. See scientists are light hearted people .@madhukishwar @PMOIndia @isro #Chandrayaan2

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In deference to widespread criticism of my tweet on @isro chief I am deleting that tweet
If he is widely respected, I have no issue with ISRO chief
But some eminent insiders had given me a different picture
And failed #Chandrayan Mission is a reality

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@madhukishwar @isro @PMOIndia Maa kasam agr hume pehle pta hota ki #ISRO ke bare m ap esa likhengi, usi chandrayan pe bandh k antriksh m chod dena tha apko. Dharti pe ap jeso k lie jagah nhi h #Chandrayaan2

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Education is also seen in how one thinks and say
#ISRO #Chandrayaan2

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What do scientists think of ISRO v/s what do desi feminists think

#ISRO #Chandrayaan2

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@madhukishwar @isro @PMOIndia 98% success rate, That was what the Initial Assessment Committee has said about #Chandrayaan2 .
Adding NASA's screenshot for a proof too

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What do scientists think of ISRO v/s what do desi feminists think

#ISRO #Chandrayaan2

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First set of #Chandrayaan2 payload's data are publicly released for wider science use.

For details visit

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