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Justice and Accountability need to be on the legislative agenda under the Gold Dome. #gapol. #CountEveryVote #justicefighter

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Count all the votes. @UgandaEC @SimonByabakama .We sacrificed alot to vote. Tetuli baana banyoko.


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A concerned citizen of the Republic of uganda

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@staceyabrams @KamalaHarris we need @staceyabrams to help us keep what was so hard won. Head of Voter Righrs Commission?

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@staceyabrams Thank you!!!! What services can I offer you to help you keep our Democracy in 2022 and 2024 and beyond? I’m ready. I’ll bring millions of friends!! #blackvotesmatter #CountEveryVote

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Considering there is no voter ID for you and I - if they feel secure the results will be as they voted - that their vote will count. #CountEveryVote

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Should Senators cast their vote in secret on Trump’s Senate impeachment trial to protect their safety?

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@J_Mei21 YAY #MeidasMighty #TeamJordy 🦸‍♂️ 🏆💪🙏💙 #EveryVoteCounts#CountEveryVote RT & follow our brother @J_Mei21 and listen to the best podcast @MeidasTouch on multiple platforms. #LFG

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“Reading the response by Miller-Meeks' campaign made Elias more confident the Hart team will prevail...”

"They do not say that the 22 votes are not legal," Elias said. "They do not say anything other than they were erroneously not counted." #IA02

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Despite our #democracy facing incredible challenges in 2020, people voted in record numbers.

This national organization understands that all elections are local, and remain grateful for all who helped #counteveryvote.

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2020 saw great changes in how people vote, in order to ensure voters could #vote safely during a global pandemic. Where do we go from here? Hear our attorneys discuss #VotingRights in 2021. #Democracy works best when all voters can participate without barriers.

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@UgandaEC Why the delay yet you declared a winner?


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#CountEveryVote How Democrats Planned for Doomsday

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@RBReich Why don’t we do it by mail in ballot and send a ballot to everyone in the U.S.?


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#Gambia did it. #Uganda will also 'did it.' #WeAreRemovingADictator
@MTVBaseAfrica must cancel their plans for 20/02/21.
#FreeBobiWine #FreeBobiCampaignTeam
@HEBobiwine's the legitimate president-elect of #Uganda

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@bnamaye1 @UgandaEC @PoliceUg @UPDFspokespersn @UgandaEC hope the rumors are indeed just rumors about the plans to burn up your offices to destroy your own "photos hopped" DR forms

And please we need the 2021 results uploaded on your official website

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Good planning, no rose colored glasses, and true collaboration helped Democrats and progressives plan for and defend against Trump’s steal of the #election2020. #DemocracyFirst #protectthevote ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦ #counteveryvote

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Uganda needs it's Freedom.
Congratulations President Elect
ROBERT S. KYAGULANYI aka Bobi Wine.. We want transparency in our votes.

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The election is not yet done , we need our victory , Ugandans need change #counteveryvote

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@Khanoisseur This could be used as an educational tool to illustrate what the 'red mirage' on election night looks like: GOP/other teams' lead looks unassailable, until – wait... here come Dem postal votes/Ziyah Holman #FTW. Boom! 🏃🏾‍♀️🥇🏁

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@GovMikeHuckabee I think non-amazon employees should be allowed to vote. #counteveryvote

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4/4 We should not keep silent when violence and brutality is happening to our beloved ones. Let us stand up for our right as Museveni seems strongly resolved to obliterate every dissenting voice.


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@Smith_JeffreyT @djkhaled @MTVAfrica @HEBobiwine Ugandans elected bobwin and the dictator Museveni used Army to forcefully announce him with Doctored results. Now Ugandans want independent body to count the votes again.

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@ntvuganda Leero mwe temunaba kweno manviri. Ekyabatakuza omutwe.

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This is the right time as Ugandans in Uganda together with all our comrades in different countries to stand and peaceful protest for our rights, and let us demonstrate and claim for our president's victory @HEBobiwine.

#CountEveryVote #FreeBobiWine #StandWithUganda #M7Rigs2021

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Ahem.... Madame VP. .⁣
#imagempolítica #equality #joebiden2020 #madamvicepresident #gwdistrict #voting #wwe #mensagensdeestilo #counteveryvote #AKA

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@ABrindisiNY, thanks for focusing on the the task: #CountEveryVote. @claudiatenney is in it for the attention & personal ambition. @RepBrindisi is in it for all of us in #NY22

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Unfortunately, this is a long process. But I am hopeful that at the end of it we will come out on top. Our campaign's statement on the ongoing #NY22 ballot count:

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@Jimmy2peacock @hinsonashley I agree with her, have you ever seen so many unqualified judges ? He wouldn't even give Merrick Garland a hearing. Now he is flipflopping wanting unity. What a joke. It is sad and pathetic. #CountEveryVote

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I still think it is too early to declare who scored the Jets first goal

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#CountEveryVote Win or lose, that’s what we do in a democracy.

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'The Bobi Wine Genie is out of the Ballot Box'

Brilliance from @iGaddo.

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Good morning #NY22 Twitter!! Was anyone actually surprised yesterday of all days was when we finally saw a ruling??

Here's an article I wrote yesterday outlining the ruling:

Each campaign also submitted briefs on non-DMV issues; their breakdown to follow

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