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Las vibes del callejón de Babylon !!!!verdad que si ???? #ItsASin

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'If we can be forgotten, then we will be'

Russell T Davies spoke to @BigIssue ahead of the release of #ItsASin about how problems which still plague many gay young people have escalated during the pandemic.

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It’s finally here: an epic new @PilotTVPod with special guest @russelldavies63 talking #ItsASin and so much more plus reviews of #WandaVision and animated Star Trek!

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The legendary @russelldavies63 joins us as guest host on the show this week as we talk about #ItsASin, #WandaVision and #LowerDecks. Plus we take a look at the shows we’re most looking forward to in 2021.

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for #ItsASin in @empiremagazine

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½ an hr into this week’s @PilotTVPod and it’s already my favourite ep. Some great stuff from RTD on the use of intimacy coordinators, Star Trek: Discovery and of course the representation of HIV/Aids on screen in the run up to #ItsASin. Ta @jamescdyer @boydhilton & @Terri_White

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2021 Telly I'm looking forward to:

And some more I need to catch up on! 😃🎬

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@littlebnotebook Us, for sure! Are you as hyped as we are for #ItsASin?

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@gailposthat We keep checking if it's Friday yet - glad to see you're as buzzing as
we are for #ItsASin!

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@QuayStreetProd_ I think her track record speaks for itself but Happy Valley totally blew me away and inspires my writing, and Years and Years was terrifying but exciting in equal measure, and I even have fond memories of The Second Coming, now really looking forward to #itsasin

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Can’t wait for #ItsASin this Friday! @Channel4 ‼️

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An incredible ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review for #ItsASin in @empiremagazine

You can read here:

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Este 23 de enero estrena en #Channel4, #ItsASin
♥️ Nueva serie de Russell T. Davies, sí señores... el creador de #YearsAndYears (entre tantísimas otras cosas)

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And here's Callum Scott Howells @Callumhowells_c on his role as 'naive' young Colin in #ItsASin airing Friday on Channel 4.

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@OSSS_Ltd So glad you liked it! And we’re so excited for #ItsASin!

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Fab interview. TY @Callumhowells_c. Can't wait for everyone to see #ItsASin 💖

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With #ItsASin starting Friday I thought I’d try and find some old photos from the 1980s but can’t find that many at the moment. Here’s one from the end of the decade

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Stephen Fry reveals all about playing a Tory MP in Channel 4's powerful 80s-set drama #ItsASin starting this Friday. We can't wait!

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@stephenfry reveals all about playing a Tory MP in Channel 4's powerful 80s-set dram #ItsASin

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Planning our outfits for Its A Sin Night on Friday #ItsASin

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I’ve just found out that all five episodes of It’s a Sin will be available to stream on All4 on Friday.



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Nicola Shindler, the founder of newly formed Quay Street Productions, has produced some of the UK's most beloved & celebrated dramas including Queer As Folk, Happy Valley, The Stranger, and two new dramas which are out this week, #FindingAlice & #ItsASin. Do you have a favourite?

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And this Friday the tv series we've all been waiting for starts: #ItsASin by @russelldavies63. Looks excellent & you really should watch it to see what the #LGBTQ (and others) community went thru in 80s. @PaulBurston has seen the whole series & says it's brilliant!

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Please don’t miss @Callumhowells_c in #ItsASin from this Friday on @Channel4 ...he’s just amazing, and here’s Callum telling us more about himself and his It’s A Sin character Colin...

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spotlight interview with omari douglas #itsasin

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It’s A Sin starts Friday 22 January at 9pm on Channel 4, with all episodes available immediately after on All 4 #itsasin

Watch the full conversation:

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Honestly why is it only Tuesday? Why isn’t Friday so I can watch my beautiful friend @Callumhowells_c shine on the telly. Cannot wait #ItsASin @Channel4 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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@leegrunnell And if you need a great 80’s soundtrack go accompany it, currently loving #ItsASin ahead of Friday.

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This will truly be an eye opening piece of work, dropping this friday #ItsASin

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Getting giddy for #ItsASin on Friday - lifting the #StormChristoph clouds listening to the soundtrack - still got 99% of it on CD but can’t wait to hear it as backdrop to @TDaviesOfficial characters.

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TBH the only thing getting me through the week is knowing that #ItsASin awaits on Friday.

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Queer As Folk was groundbreaking. Its A Sin shares a title with one of my favourite songs and stars Keeley Hawes so I'm going to forget what Russell T Davis said about banning straight actors from gay roles and just look forward to the new series. #ItsASin

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#ItsASin's Omari Douglas on why Russell T Davies' new drama is timeless: 'People might pick up on moments that ring true of what we're living through now' @RadioTimes

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A brand new 5-part drama from @russelldavies63 , premiering on Channel 4 Friday 22nd Jan. 🗞 Each day we will be publishing a cast member interview here. 🗞


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This is what my diary would tell me Is coming up (I haven’t even opened my 2021 diary yet .... it is empty!😭)

Thurs - @dragraceukbbc 🇬🇧
Fri - #ItsASin @Channel4 🏳️‍🌈
Sat - @RuPaulsDragRace 🇺🇸


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