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Great to catch up with some of the Xt U6 and to hear their plans for some Boyceite lockdown challenges! #CollegeConnected #nildesperandum

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Lovely to catch up with some of the Xt L6th over lunch #CollegeConnected #nildesperandum

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@OC_5AES No comms, no bombs... 5 AES signals troop providing basic comms refresher training, this was delivered to the Squadron to enhance everyone’s skill set. #ArmouredSappers #nilDesperandum #LiveMoveFight.

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I’m very sad and disappointed to once again don’t reach a final. We have a lot to fight yet but we have to learn and understand that we can’t make the same mistakes anymore. We need to make an effort to further improve and be able to fight for trophies!

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Despite Georgia, Trump claims he will "never concede" and calls more thugs to arms. Meanwhile lickspittle Republicans prepare to thrust another spear into the side of an already wounded democracy. But there's always something that can be done – #NilDesperandum

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Don't look away.

This isn't normal.

This isn't democracy.

This is a failed coup.

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Even over the holidays the eFP BG is ready to go at a moments notice. As the temperature starts to drop and the snow falls, the importance of keeping our vehicles, kit and equipment maintained is ever move critical.

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@OC_5AES made it to the final of the eFP Battlegroup 5-a-side tournament. The lads did the Sqn proud and finished second out of 16 teams. 💪

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@OC_5AES The man in the big red suit 🎅 has been and visited our boys and girls. Sending seasonal cheer to those near and far. MERRY CHRISTMAS! To one and all. #ArmouredSappers #nilDesperandum #LiveMoveFight

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@OC_5AES the Squadron, along with the eFP Battlegroup come together with their best singing voices for the Christmas carol service. #ArmouredSappers

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Still numb from hearing the incredibly sad news this morning. A legend & gentleman an irreplaceable soul who nurtured so many athlete’s, uplifted & cared for so many. He always put the person first the results second, his passion will live on forever. RIP Joe 🖤🧡 #nildesperandum

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Very sad to hear of the passing of Joe Cooper RIP. Condolences to family and friends @ClonliffeHAC

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Joe Cooper = @ClonliffeHAC
@ClonliffeHAC = Joe Cooper

rest in peace.

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A fantastic achievement & opportunity seized! Congratulations Spr N & Spr S - what better way to hone your junior leader skills & spring-board to your next assignments as JNCOs!

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@OC_5AES A massive congratulations to Spr N and Spr S on their completion of the eFP BG cadre. The arduous course finished with a parade and a formal dinner. Incredible effort by all! #ArmouredSappers #NilDesperandum #LiveMoveFight.

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The Gentleman Award is passed on from Sam to Rory #nildesperandum #bestdressed #manners

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L6th off to the Upper College Feast! #nildesperandum

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Congratulations Sprs Neate & Sheward @OC_5AES - a fantastic achievement, which I have no doubt will have prepared you in spades for the most important rank in the @BritishArmy - no chance of forgetting where you completed your promotion cadre!

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Well done to all our potential JNCOs, from @RiflesRegiment, @ChurchillsOwn,@1stRegiment_RHA @Official_REME, @22EngrRegt, @Kaitsevagi, and @Army4Mercian. They completed the eFP BG’s arduous promotion cadre; heroes, all of them. #WeAreNATO

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Some good news. If you happen to be out east, the Driftwood cafe is open for take aways - and you can order their passion fruit and raspberry roulade! #archirondel #JerseyCU #NilDesperandum

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Strong performances by the Xt U6th sees them progress to next week’s semi finals #nildesperandum

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Excellent team effort by Xt 5th Form #nildesperandum

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First House Pots outing for the Xt 3rd Form #nildesperandum

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Xt charity table tennis tournament, superbly organised by Simon and Will, heading into the final stages #nildesperandum

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👏👏👏congratulations @JamesMason_78 and to the whole @Welcome2Yorks team sustaining solidarity and morale within this great sector of the Yorkshire economy #nildesperandum

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The easiest thing to do is give up and do nothing..but if you do nothing, nothing happens.

Well done to the @Welcome2Yorks team for staging tonight’s virtual White Rose Awards despite all the odds. Thanks to all the staff, judges, nominees & all who contributed #WRA2020

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Listen Live: #Twitch #AiiR #NowPlaying on #TheFemaleFrontedRockandMetalShow
The @AiiRadioLive #Premier of #LayItOnTheLine
~#NilDesperandum / #WinterInBoro

South London
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"I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?
Jeremiah 32:27

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Well, it seems that "deactivating" my Twitter totally effs it up. No more followers or followed. Probably for the best. I have 3 followers (that I actually love) and I look like a troll. Ah well. #NilDesperandum

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Next stop Latvia, where we go again with @ChurchillsOwn, @22EngrRegt and @1stRegiment_RHA, who will be firing live. 💥 Fearless, lethal, and ready. @ComdUKeFP @siabod_runner #WeAreNATO

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@blessingawuah12 But we move 🙏🏾💪🏽 #nildesperandum

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Tie Presentation for 3rd Form Scholars and Exhibitioners 2020 #nildesperandum

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Fun in the sun in year group bubbles #nildesperandum

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