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He was 51, leaves behind a family

A kind, hard-working doctor

And from messages on our group was clearly hugely regarded by his colleagues

Covid is cruel & unfair

Key workers will continue to put their lives at risk

Please don’t be selfish. Wear a mask
Do your bit #WearAMask

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@bernielak @shandebarc1 @PaulMeekPerth Aaah, I have those same 'stupid' thought.

It must be contagious.

And a simple #WearAMask - no except when on the left side of a street under an evergreen tree, or when travelling north etc.

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@AddressingLife @astaines @DonnellyStephen @NormaFoleyTD1 @ParentsUtd It won't stop transmission Tracy, but when enough of the population are vaccinated it will find it much harder to make people sick.
We will still have to #WearAMask and be careful for a good while, but thankfully the end is in sight.
Even if it means the odd injection now & then

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GOOD MORNING JAN 17: For those lucky enough to be vaccinated (under 2% of Cdns) 6 ft not enough it's AIRBORNE #WearAMask to PROTECT THE REST OF US Thanks

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Today @ShowWorldLI we have Michelle, Jennifer, Lucy and Gabbie. Our featured #tgirl is Ginger #peepshows #WearAMask

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Please, even if you get the #CovidVaccine, you still need to take precautions & wear a mask! #WearAMask 

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Today @FantasyLi7 we have Bree, Sky, Dulce and Columbia. #peepshows #WearAMask

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The Queen of the Welsh covidiots right here displaying her utter contempt for the safety of everyone around her. Writing to Sainsbury’s CEO! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #COVIDIOTS #WearAMask #Moron

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Read this whole thread. #WearAMask

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Words reaching me is that the former CFO of Dangote Sugar, Etim Bassey just passed.

Last week, Alh. Yaro, MD of BUA Sugar passed.

This thing is not film trick.


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@claesdevreese Hope you and yours are well on the way to making a complete recovery! There are serious threats on Capitol for Inaugural, I wish it would be only televised with no live audience in DC. #COVID19 #StayHome #WearAMask

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Indeed @catherinemep and we can alert all those who are BEGRUDGINGLY wearing a mask (stop yer mytherin'). #WearAMask #ProtectTheNHS

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NEEDED: Impact study by Prof Bernheim @Stanford & a @CDCgov contact tracing study of Jan. 4th Trump rally in Dalton GA, the district represented by #QAnonGOP supporter Rep MTG who refused to #WearAMask until recently & is hopefully talking w @FBI Read

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@BiztheBuz @BenKentish I have had one dose & consider myself vaccinated. I'm not safe yet & staying home & keeping protected until my 2nd dose but, have I received a vaccination? Yes! #stayhome #wearamask #staysafe #vaccination

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During the Blitz the #UK averaged about 750 fatalities p/d. Citizens pulled together, turning out their lights during attacks.

During this #COVID pandemic the UK is suffering 1400+ fatalities p/d. Yet #Covidiots still don't #WearAMask or #SocialDistance.


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"Only Just a Call Away" The Struts. Live from the Merci Gallery. via @YouTube

Good morning everyone 💙🥰🦋😘💜🤗 Have a wonderful Sunday. #WearAMask and #SocialDistance Love this song by @TheStruts it’s amazing and so are they I love you all 💙💙

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#COVID19 update in #Singapore 🇸🇬 on Jan. 17:

◾ Cases in the community: 2
◾ Cases residing in dormitories: 0
◾ Imported cases: 28

59,113 coronavirus cases

#Phase3 #WearAMask #SocialDistancing #StayHome #StayAtHome #StayAtHomeSaveLives

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During the pandemic, our heroes in healthcare facilities are risking their lives!
Play your part in fight against COVID-19 and wash your hands, wear a mask and maintain 6ft social distance
@UnileverPak #HBCC #wearamask #Washyourhands #6ftsocialdistancing

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@mlchealth A really good insight into the shocking reality of #COVID19 #WashYourHands #SocialDistance #WearAMask

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I'm worried about people who directly associate face masks with a muzzle, a piece of equipment that stops dogs biting people. Do they want the freedom to bite others? And if they do have that urge, shouldn't we be putting them in actual muzzles for our safety? #WearAMask #muzzles

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#リラクゼーション #アロマ #ロミロミ #ホットストーン #鍼灸 #癒し #群馬 #高崎 #gunma #takasaki #NewNormal #WearAMask #StaySafe

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@LaNouOr @DanPawley @steveremain @NaturemanV @LozzaFox I’ve not set foot in a supermarket since last March. I have had no difficulty in getting delivery slots at any time during the pandemic. You obviously want to go into store simply to make a point that you’re not wearing mask. Arent you clever 🙄 #WearAMask you melt

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How will I know what's going on in the #world? In #science? In #sport? With #COVID19? I suppose I will not. But, thats #okay I suppose. #toomuch

Who is in your corner? #peaceout #LetItBe #WearAMask #wearetheluckyones #ThankYou

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Don't be a scruff! Stick your used mask in the bin!!! Or better yet just buy a reusable one! 🚮😷😜👍🏻

#ReUse #WearAMask #DontBeATramp #My2Pence

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#kpop #kpopgiveaway #giveaway #bts #HappyNewYear #2021NewYear #BTSARMY #blackpink #nct #NCTDREAM #NCT127 #nctu #exo #straykids #monstax #redvelvet #twice #txt #treasure #biden #gidle #trump #biden #txt #enhypen #coronavirus #corona #quarantine #WearAMask #COVID19 #aespa #vaccine

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I’d love to ignore ‘covid sceptics’ and their tall tales. But they make a splash and have no shame | Neil O'Brien

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THIS. This run was 1 year ago. January 17, 2020. Would be impossible today. So sad to think of what Washington DC looks like now. Hoping for a return of peace and safety.

How it started How it’s going

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April 2020: We hit 1M cases, only 58,000 Americans were dead, paywalls on COVID articles were dropped in the name of public health, & there was an ad campaign supporting healthcare workers. Now we have 24M cases, 400,000 are dead, new horrific variants, & it’s business as usual.

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Timeless pandemic photo...

A reader’s 5 year old daughter paying a visit to her 96 year old WWII veteran grandfather.

Stay safe everyone.

(HT @vinsub33) #COVID19

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And it will get worse.

Please be safe.

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Psssst... pass it on:

➡️ COVID LUNG is worse than smoker’s lung.

"Post-COVID lungs look worse than any type of terrible smoker's lung we've ever seen. And they collapse. And they clot off. And the shortness of breath lingers” says Dr @BKendallMD. #COVID19

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I was met by this arrogant prick flexing his false authority in a way that disregarded all of that. His colleagues were complicit. If cops can't tell another to put on a mask, you think they'll tell each other to get a knee off his neck or don't shoot her in her sleep? 8/

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Just found out one of our colleagues from my hospital has died

He leaves behind a heartbroken family and a devastated department

I cannot articulate my feelings towards the pathetic Lawrence Fox

I will not RT his photo, as this only gives him the attention he begs for


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Police called to remove us from Sainsbury's Dartford for not wearing masks 🤬
Approached in the aisle by staff asking to talk to me (later found out he was the manager). Started videoing, he said he would call police if I didn't stop filming & wouldn't say why he wanted to talk.

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This is brilliant.
Can we have one outside every supermarket please.

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#PPE like gloves and disposable face masks can’t be #recycled. ❌♻️
In order to dispose of them safely please drop them in with your normal household waste! 😷

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As more #COVID19 vaccine becomes available, more groups of people will be able to get vaccinated. Even after getting vaccinated, continue to #WearAMask over your nose and mouth, stay 6 feet from others, avoid crowds, and wash your hands. More: . #SleeveUp

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