इसरो के वैज्ञानिकों का हार्दिक अभिनन्दन। चंद्रयान २ का सफल प्रक्षेपण करके भारत अंतरिक्ष की महाशक्ति बन गया है। इस मिशन की सफलता के लिए मेरी शुभकामनाएं। @isro

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@SushmaSwaraj @isro Realy its a big success of isro

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@mukesh883 Profile picture Mukesh agarwal


 1 year ago

@SushmaSwaraj @isro 👏👏👏💐💐💐🙏🙏🙏

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@SushmaSwaraj @isro आपको भी बहुत बहुत बधाई मैडम आपका स्वास्थ्य कैसा है आप जल्द स्वस्थ हो और भारत को जल्द आपकी सेनायें प्राप्त हो ऐसी भगवान से प्रार्थना है

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@SushmaSwaraj @isro बहुत शानदार बधाई पूरे भारतवर्ष को...💐
@isro है तो-मुमकिन है..!!

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@SushmaSwaraj @isro Congratulations to @isro JAI HIND

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@SushmaSwaraj @isro "The exploration of Moon through Chandrayaan will electrify the entire country,particularly young scientists and children"...💯
Our nation's pride,late genius #AbdulKalam sir stated this 16 years back. His soul must be contented today..💝🙏🤗
#GSLVMkIII-M1/ #Chandrayaan2🚀

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@SushmaSwaraj @isro Badhai ho sabhi ko

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@SushmaSwaraj @isro हिंदुस्तान के सपनों, आकांक्षाओं, हौसलों, अन्वेषण, सतत अभ्यास, वैज्ञानिक शोध, उच्च तकनीक, ज्ञान, विश्वास की परम उड़ान " विजयी विश्व तिरंगा प्यारा... जय जवान, जय किसान, जय विज्ञान!


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@SushmaSwaraj @isro Congratulations mam congratulations @isro team ❤️❤️❤️

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@SushmaSwaraj @isro Congregations

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🔴Live @ January 22nd - 7:00PM

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Do the right thing when it’s hard! Keep a good attitude when people are not treating you right. Go the extra mile when nobody is watching. You may not see anything happening, but you’re getting prepared become a better person for the world!

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Very few won’t hate you for living as you see fit. #MORELIFE #life #LifeLessons #Motivation #inspiration #wednesdaythought

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Wishing a very Happy Birthday and Long Life to the James Bond of India NSA #AjitDoval Sir🙏😊 One who keep us safe ,when it comes to National Security, There is nothing he can't do. Blessed to have this Fearless man working tirelessly for our safety 🙏🇮🇳💪


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According to our holly book Geeta the Real guru always gives naamdiksha in three step. Today only @SaintRampalJiM give the complete nam diksha.
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Trump lets free the swamp creatures

check out

thread by jake tapper on some of the scam artists aprdoned by Trump

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Toddler: “Mommy! What happens when a ceiling is on a light and the curtain poops?”

Me: “........ what?”

Toddler: “Because girls don’t have balls! 😂”

#wednesdaythought #boymom #momlife #toddlers #Wednesday

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