I am very sad to know that Shri Jaipal Reddy Ji is no more. We were together in Parliament for many years. He was very assertive in the House and very warm at personal level. I will miss a dear friend #JaipalReddy.

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@enggbhatta Profile picture Vats of India


 1 year ago

@eyes_of_ankit @SushmaSwaraj Shubh Shubh bolo. Long live maam

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 1 year ago
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@SushmaSwaraj Who will tweet after your demise?
We will definitely miss you ma'am.

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@SushmaSwaraj भगवान शांति दे ॐ शांति ओम

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That is literally ALL Braunwyn did... she hasn’t stood up for the cause in any other way #RHOC

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@StephFarrell8 @RealityTVBliss Absolutely! I don’t give a shit if she doesn’t remember or not. Drunk or sober. That behavior is indefensible. Shame on Braunwyn. #RHOC

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Wow so they really just let Braunwyn off the hook for offering a drug plug to Shannon’s 14 year old daughter.

Shannon has this secret she’s been sitting on and the second she gets it out, it falls flat to Braunwyn’s tears #RHOC

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NEWS: $GTT #RHOC @AllDayA_ @Cm8aS9KVEVVcdcm @MarketWN @Bob39033492 @Snack_Trey @RamaRikin $NAKD $KOSS $BNOW $AMC

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So Kelly Dodd is now is now cookie cutter miss Fox News, Ok #rhoc

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#Braunwyn was never physically attracted to men or #Sean, yet they managed to have 7 children...
#RHOC #RHOCReunion

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Few seasons behind but Emily’s figure on #RHOC is mega

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Braunwyn is a terrible mother who uses alcohol as an excuse for her vile disgusting behavior. The only people we should feel sorry for are her 7 troubled meal-ticket $$$$$ children she had with a man she never loved #RHOC

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