Happy Mother's Day @SushmaSwaraj. Miss you with every breath Ma.

Happy Mother's Day @SushmaSwaraj. Miss you with every breath Ma.

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 8 months ago

@Madhuraturi90 @BansuriSwaraj @SushmaSwaraj Miss you Mother figure of India.

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@BansuriSwaraj @SushmaSwaraj She was a motherly figure to millions🙏 @BansuriSwaraj

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@BansuriSwaraj @SushmaSwaraj The memories that you will cherish forever Bansuri. This is beautiful ❤️

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@abhiraj93 Profile picture Abhishek 💙


 8 months ago

@BansuriSwaraj @governorswaraj @SushmaSwaraj Motherly figure for all of us.. 🙏

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 8 months ago
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@BansuriSwaraj @SushmaSwaraj 🙏🙏❤️

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@BansuriSwaraj @SushmaSwaraj After long saw sushma Mam pic🇮🇳

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The #Ravens locker room after that game ended....

#nfl #NFLPlayoffs #BALvsBUF #BillsMafia #Bills

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Following @BuffaloBills 17, @Ravens 3, we asked to speak with @Taronj11 & @TakeAwayTre_. They were great. Loved that some of their teammates joined. And it's so cool that the players understand what all of this means to Buffalo. Onto the AFC Championship Game. #BALvsBUF

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In the blistering, muggy mid-year months, going through a blizzard may seem like paradise. Be that as it may, winter brings its own arrangement of difficulties.

#TommyTiernanShow #HardToKill #NFLPlayoffs #BALvsBUF #NOTMYHABBO

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📺: #BALvsBUF on NBC
📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app:

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Replying to @BuffaloBills: TARON JOHNSON PICK SIX‼️

📺 #BALvsBUF:

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The game has been over for more than an hour and a half. I wanted to put my wings in so I can eat them while the game was still on. I've been butlering for my son and wife for so long, I have eaten almost 3/4 of a 13 oz bag of sea salt Kettle chips. #BALvsBUF

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Is Lamar Jackson a bust? #balvsbuf #Ravens #Bills

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