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 3 months ago
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 3 months ago
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@PatMcAfeeShow At least this century. No argument here. #LetsGoPens

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Pens Win, Pitt Wins, now just hit the Mega Millions and call it a night!!! #H2P #LETSGOPENS

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#LetsGoPens Love beating the Washington Capitals

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That was a fun sports night in Pittsburgh @Pitt_MBB & @penguins with big wins Both buildings would have been rocking!!! #H2P #LetsGoPens

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@THEChrisMack 2 fun wins despite all the overanalyzing on this thread #h2P #LetsGoPens

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Both BIG TIME @Pitt_MBB and @penguins wins today I’d have to say Mac must be pretty proud #MostDope #LetsGoPens #H2P

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What a night for Pittsburgh sports!!! Pitt beat Duke, the Pens beat the Caps and Bob Nutting is somewhere rolling pennies.
#LetsGoPens #H2P

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