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 1 month ago

I pooped.

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@yanciplier @markiplier Why.... I just

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@depressoalexiso @markiplier You look like my ex

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@markiplier YES CONGRATS >:D

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@markiplier Why do I have notifications on for this shit

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 1 month ago

@markiplier rate your poop 0/10

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 1 month ago
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Friendly reminder that if you sell any #GameStop , #amcstock, #NOK, or any other #stonks that have shorts on them you will only be doing what #WallStreet wants... To make a true change we have to #HoldTheLine and #EatTheRich

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@LeftistMoniker @flowermusickids @BernieToVest They're "knocking over the game board" since the peasants were beating them at their own game - this is an attempt to recoup their losses. Hopefully all the new investors #HoldTheLine


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@Cashapp basically won't let me hand pick stocks to buy but they sure do like the large corporate giants. I need my #Webull app to approve so I can get this ball rolling. #EatTheRich #HoldTheLine

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The GameStop news is next level Revenge of the nerds type shit we all needed in 2021 πŸ‘πŸ»

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