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Finished reading 'One Arranged Murder' in only three sittings. And I am not able to find a suitable phrase or word for this book, I just felt in love with it.❤️ It really kept me hooked right till the end.
Just unforgettable!
Thank you, @chetan_bhagat sir.

thank u!

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 3 weeks ago

@chetan_bhagat boht jyada hi filmy ho gaya yaar. Write something on the level of 3 mistakes of my life. I love that book.

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@chetan_bhagat I just now finished reading One Arranged Murder. Excellent piece of work. Thank u @chetan_bhagat sir for this one.

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 3 weeks ago

@chetan_bhagat Really ..I want to read it

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Indiana on 12-2 run, up 60-55 with 6:02 to play at No. 4 Iowa. Last Iowa field goal 12:00. #iubb

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#IUBB got me like...

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As @Jesgolds said- biggest two min of season and likely Archie’s IU career coming up. #IUBB

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Looks to be a 4 or 5 based on the last timeout #iubb

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@TheHoosierSound yet archie miller and #iubb are the ones who have received a bench warning tonight..........🤔

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Fran should be T’d up for yelling at ref without a mask, this is a matter of public health #iubb

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#Iowa has way way way too much talent for Fran to be worried about the ref. Maybe this team is too talented 4 him to coach properly. @FS1 @B1GMBBall #iubb #Indiana #IUvsIowa

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It showed up at Wisconsin, to a large extent at Florida State and twice in three games in Maui. Consistency -- and, on the road, closing -- been the issue. #iubb

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