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 3 weeks ago
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@safakadhim87 @MoSalah والله بتابعك ع انستجرام وبحسبك مصرية من كتر ما بتعشقي محمد صلاح

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 3 weeks ago

@CreKg @MoSalah لايك اذا هو غاثك بكل منشن

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@AmrFahmy24 @MoSalah He wont downgrade g

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 3 weeks ago

@MoSalah منور يا ابو مكه

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@MoSalah لايك اذا كرهته من بعد الاحتفال بالكرسمس

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@MoSalah هاي اي وحده منهم
Boss or Scrub😉
لأن حسب ما اتذكر انه مكه عندها قطتين
وانت بناتك اصلا قطط 💜بجمالهم ورقتهم
الله يحفظ العائله كلها

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@MoSalah ثم قال في خطبة الوداع:
"وإني مُباهٍ بكم الأُمم يوم القيامة."
صلّوا عليه ﷺ

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 3 weeks ago

@MoSalah يشبهك

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& not to forget.. DC mega deserves..

#DCStatehood #WeAreDC 🇺🇸❤️... long past time.. ^_^

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@MayorBowser @PoPville @theHillisHome @DCist @HillRagDC @730_DC @petworthdcnews @dclinenews @afronews @TheGeorgetownr @CHOTR_DC No taxation without representation!

#WeAreDC #DCStatehood

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#WeAreDC Why do you have homeless people if you have more millionaires than all but ONE state? With all that money in such a small area, you cannot provide housing for
6k homeless in DC?
You will not fix it because you know it will bring every homeless person in the US to DC.

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#WeAreDC every morning I have the privilege to wake up to an amazing view of the Washington monument and as a resident of DC I don’t have a voice in Congress. #DCStatehood thankful for representative @EleanorNorton and the dynamic powerhouse @MayorBowser

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Lived a few miles our from the city so he reps D.C though he is not from there.. still he loves the city @jovekente says #WeAreDC

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This is where I exercise. Because I never get tired of this view and what it represents. #WeAreDC #51stState

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Am loving the civic enthusiasm of #WeAreDC

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