⁦@RogueFitness⁩ you should be ashamed

@RogueFitness⁩ you should be ashamed

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@valorbharat @sonamakapoor @RogueFitness Bhai Kuch saal Pehele meine bhi koi ek Sonam ka movie ticket liya tha. Mera paisa barbad hua tha.. I have same experience, what’s she tweet now. To be honest... Education matter.

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@TheSunShine_ Profile picture Sunny


 1 week ago

@sonamakapoor @RogueFitness Rogue is their name

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@sonamakapoor @RogueFitness May be they have seen your movie and ur acting skill


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@Maria_Elahi Profile picture Maria Elahi


 1 week ago

@sonamakapoor @RogueFitness Thanks for the heads up! I was looking to place an order with them. Also @UPS_UK have the worst service ever! They are known to open parcels are take items and then deny all knowledge.

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@anisha53062849 Profile picture anisha


 1 week ago
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 1 week ago

@sonamakapoor @RogueFitness CrossFit community has left the chat

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@sonamakapoor @RogueFitness Isko har cheej mein problem hota hai

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@miumaub Profile picture Miu


 1 week ago
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@Aquib1Aaquib Profile picture AquibRafi


 1 week ago

@sonamakapoor @RogueFitness Yes mam right mam

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The New Radical Leftist Agenda.

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Today is the 3rd day that Democrats and Joe Biden have allowed Antifa and BLM terrorists to destroy and assault businesses and citizens in Portland.

Biden is looking very weak and pathetic..............


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I'm going to fight fascism as well. It's definitely the right issue to add to our #RadicalLeftistAgenda #GreatestGeneration

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#RadicalLeftistAgenda Actually read this damn book!

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I'm getting old. I used to be all radicalized and motivated and at protests n shit. But now I'm tired and trying to survive. Props to all the youngins fighting the good fight for us old people. I appreciate you. #RadicalLeftistAgenda

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#RadicalLeftistAgenda i felt like tweeting here to see how many impressions i get off this tweet, thanks for stopping and contributing to my dream :)

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MY #RadicalLeftistAgenda

1. Mow the lawn
2. Take a shower
3. Cup of soup from WaWa
4. Shopping at Walmart
5. Practice my dulcimer
6. Make stuffed pork chops
7. Watch TV

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