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 5 days ago

Quoted @imjadeja

Out of action for a completed. But will soon return with a bang!💪🏻

Wishing you a speedy recovery 😇

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@BCCI Get well soon

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@BCCI Come soon champ👑❤️

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@BCCI Get well soon @imjadeja

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 5 days ago

@BCCI I miss you more then my gf 😍🥰

Plz sir recover fast

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@BCCI Come back strange

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@BCCI @imjadeja, I will pray to Ganpati Bappa for you to get well soon and return to the field.
We will miss you a lot in the next match.
And today, the whole of India is proud of you seeing your Courage. Hatt's Of You.

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 5 days ago

@BCCI 😭Gonna miss u badly

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 5 days ago

@BCCI Missed u jaddu ❤️💔

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 5 days ago

@BCCI Get well soon 🙂.

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 5 days ago

@BCCI Get well soon sir

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Let'a fucking go Mikasa it's your fucking time


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No seriously tomorrow’s episode is gonna be so good!! #ITSTIMEMIKASA #WARHAMMERTITAN

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I cannot wait to see mikasa flourish as she should further along in season 4 because that’s what she deserves as a centrepiece #ItsTimeMikasa

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