“Democracy is the worst form of gov't, except for all the others.” It doesn’t come without warts & rough edges. But they should be celebrated & smoothed out, because it’s all we've got. What does democracy mean to you? Join us and @stephenfry for the #RenewDemocracy challenge!

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@justbluejet Profile picture NJ


 1 week ago

@Goodvuduhere @Renew_Democracy @AVindman @stephenfry Totally agree on the lowering of the blood pressure.

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@kubernite Profile picture John Maynard


 1 week ago

@alfichaud @Renew_Democracy @stephenfry Democracy is poisoned by ad hominem assertions in the arena of thought, the personal attacks degrade ideas in favor of personality and ambition. The fault is in grandiosity of the personality and not dissent at large.

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@Goodvuduhere Profile picture JLC


 1 week ago

@Renew_Democracy @AVindman @stephenfry Man, I LOVE me some @stephenfry !!!!!!
Just hearing the sound of his voice brings my blood pressure down from meeting the Natl. Debt.

Thank you, Mr. Fry!

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@AntiqueSlivers Profile picture Mark


 1 week ago

@Renew_Democracy @stephenfry I love this man!! Well said sir, well said!!!

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@Makoulimou Profile picture Linda Casey


 1 week ago

@Renew_Democracy @stephenfry Democratic socialism seems to work in the Netherlands (and elsewhere). We even have a King! I don't see why a little capitalism couldn't work too.

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@Echo5India Profile picture Echo4India


 1 week ago

@Renew_Democracy @stephenfry Made me happy.

A message of light in dark times.

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@RobertRees_ Profile picture Robert Rees


 1 week ago

@Renew_Democracy @Alheri @stephenfry Thoroughly agree with this. But I do think certain areas of our State need to be reviewed quite carefully. Those shown wanting by the events of this year. And there are many

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@alfichaud Profile picture al fichaud


 1 week ago

@Renew_Democracy @stephenfry Democracy is the best of a poor lot. It's drawback is when you give folks too much freedom, individual rights&privileges run up against each other. Everyone has rights but no one has responsibilities any longer. it's a matter of reconciling individual rights with the collective.

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@Renew_Democracy @stephenfry LISTEN TO STEPHEN!

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@Romston Profile picture Romston


 1 week ago
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@AdamsEwot Profile picture Gomez Adams


 1 week ago
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