I love listening to my husbands guesses watching the show 🤣 #themaskeddancer

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@ashleytisdale It is Hell on earth for people like me with cancer desperately trying to survive a pandemic but going under bc among other things our government doesn’t think we’re worthy of help. We all need help SO BAD that my
gofundme gets ignored**please help me**

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@LeeSantoz__ Profile picture Lee Santoz


 1 week ago

@ashleytisdale Watching from Vancouver
Love you 💙💙
Loving the show as well

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@erkancomlekcii Profile picture Erkan C.


 1 week ago

@ashleytisdale Would you ever perform one of your best 2 songs on #TheMaskedDancer @ashleytisdale

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@Marqus32Twitch Profile picture Marqus32


 1 week ago

@ashleytisdale Does judging on the show maybe coaxes you to consider going on Dancing with the stars? I mean Monique and Corbin did great so if we had another HSM alum on.....you know the saying....3rd time is the charm!

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@_08supergirl Profile picture Noemi


 1 week ago
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@ashleytisdale You must be proud!

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@ashleytisdale Rainha 😘❤

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