🐢Sueño? No yo no, Lamento mucho haber hecho el vlive tan tarde!, es porque he estado pasando mis cumpleaños con ustedes los últimos años, ya sea en ISAC o en otros, así que solo quería pasar un tiempo con ustedes


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⚾️⚾️ Two @Braves legends die in one week, #DonSutton and #HankAaron. I met Hank once when I was little, he was a class act, signed a baseball for me & talked to my dad for 30 minutes! Been a Braves fan every since I could walk. RIP guys! #ForTheA

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The greatest man to ever put on a Braves uniform. RIP Hammerin’ Hank.... #FortheA #ChopOn

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Punch to the gut. A hero. A great man. #ForTheA #HammerinHank

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Go get everyone you need to win the whole f’n thing this year #ForTheA #ForHank

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Something I’ve dreaded but did today.. confirm the death of Hank Aaron with a source with knowledge of the situation. Growing up a #Braves fan, I’ve always seen him as an inspiration. Always the HR King. #ForTheA #MLB

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