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Ayy brooo lets gooo tomorrow #ITSTIMEMIKASA. Slay the war hammer titan my gurl

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@jimmyfallon My dad would end all phone conversations saying the word beep. Not making the sound but saying the word. Most conversations ending with “Okay I’ll talk to you later, I love you, bye............beep.” My brother and I never found out why he did that. #MyFamilyIsWeird

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My birthday is in June, but my mom thinks my birthday is July 7 and my dad thinks it’s July 8. Every time I’ve corrected them, my mom says, “Really?”, and my dad says, “Oh, my bad, that’s right!” #MyFamilyIsWeird

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@jimmyfallon #MyFamilyIsWeird Every year on Thanksgiving my mom makes us slap the turkey before it gets cooked. She doesn't even know why, but her my m made her do it too.

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@jimmyfallon #MyFamilyIsWeird From an early age I would always call my dad “George.” People would always ask my mom if I was adopted. She would tell them no! It was just easier to get my dads attention by saying his first name. Something I still do to this day:)

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One time, my family went to this haunted bridge in Gettysburg and my dad put the car in neutral to make us think the car was moving by itself. As if that didn’t freak me and my brothers out enough, my mom shouted out the window for the ghost to come and get me. #MyFamilyIsWeird

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When I was 18 living on my own, I called mom and asked her for my passport so I could go to London with a friend. She called the FBI and told them I must’ve been kidnapped by white slavers. They actually wrote up a report and I had to contact them. #MyFamilyIsWeird

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my family got turned into titans 🤣🤣 #myfamilyisweird

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@jimmyfallon My grandmother told my cousin and I that we'd make a cute couple. #MyFamilyIsWeird

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