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Co-host of the My Favorite Murder podcast.
I like true crime, food, and cats, but not all at once. (Profile pic by

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I’ve not kept in touch with anyone from high school (Orange County) so I’ve never been invited to a gender reveal party, and for that I am grateful and proud.

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Hi hello we adopted a tiny puppy. Still figuring out her name and hoping the cats don’t eat her. But meanwhile she is an angel and we won the puppy lotto.

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Can WE please Get Some Relief For ❤Clarisse❤?!
Beautiful Vintage 14 year old Siamese Girl wanting a retirement home to live out her golden years!
PLEASE RETWEET to save her life!


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As someone who grew up eating at great Jewish delis, I can’t help but get personally offended by fast food bagel breakfast sandwiches.

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Anyone else using quarantine as an excuse to take up smoking?? I’m seeing it as a long smoke break.

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@KarenKilgariff the roller coaster you took me on today. Hahahaha #mfm #myfavoritemurder #ssdgm #muderino

This brings me joy. 🔥

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my god


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So what did everyone wish for when they blew out their inauguration candles yesterday??

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Are bibles always that big?? Asking for a Jew (me).

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Wow! I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since I’ve taken a deep breath!

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Officer Goodman, promoted to Acting Deputy Senate Sergeant at Arms, escorting our new VP. #InaugurationDay 

How it started: How it’s going:

Tears of joy.

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You are who you pardon.

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Just spilled nail polish on Vince’s beloved @lazboy. Someone plz give me cleaning tips before he finds out and files for divorce.

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Anybody else’s brain do this? 🥴🥴🥴😩

Good god this is poetry.

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That thing where you go downstairs to take your ADHD meds and then immediately forget why you went downstairs because you have ADHD.

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Replying to @dantelfer: DO YOU HAVE LEGAL EXPERIENCE

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My right wing mom once passive-aggressively gave me both a copy of the constitution and a MyPillow for my birthday and honestly I was more incensed at the MyPillow.

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Don’t know who this dude is but he broke that shit DOWN!! Listen especially the ones that need to hear it!!

Can someone plz show this to my mom? Dad, you need to watch this too. ❤️

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Replying to @MessedUpPod: It’s NXIVM week on @exactlyright! So grab a volleyball and a sash and listen to today’s episode of @JensenandHoles with @G…

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It’s NXIVM week on @exactlyright! So grab a volleyball and a sash and listen to today’s episode of @JensenandHoles with @GHardstark and @KarenKilgariff then check out our ep covering SVU ep “Accredo” dropping tomorrow!

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