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#NewYearSnore Ƶƶ( ̄▵—▵ ̄) ( @MikeMorse1017 ) Twitter Profile


#NewYearSnore Ƶƶ( ̄▵—▵ ̄)

A more laid back edition of @mmorse1017. #Batman fan, #MSTie, Level 40 #PokemonGO player, #LupinThe3rd fan, and #ToonamiFaithful. SW-3820-5689-4300 (─‿‿─)

Virginia, USA

Joined on 24 March, 2019

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Talking with Bluebear and giving her some new clothes in #AnimalCrossingPocketCamp! 🐻 #AnimalCrossing

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Collecting bugs for Katie’s Hedge Maze Gardening Event in #AnimalCrossingPocketCamp! 🐈🪲🌳 #AnimalCrossing

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Drawing BATMAN for YOU! via @YouTube

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Rangers Of the New Republic Has Officially Replaced Cara Dune via @YouTube

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Hope you enjoy your digital manga as well too! ^_^ #MangaMonday

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Quoted @Keah_Maria

Today is disability day of mourning. I’m mourning the disabled people who didn’t survive this pandemic. I’m mourning the fact that we live in a society that often treats disabled people like afterthoughts. I’m mourning living in a world willing to accommodate everyone but us.

This is sadly true. Persons with disabilities are often viewed as liabilities. It’s heartbreaking to see and experience. #DisabilityDayofMourning

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Quoted @Dastanovich_

I really just interacted with the dumbest mf on this site.....

When it comes to interacting with Shonen Otaku in regards to #CatherineFullBody, it’s best to ignore him because he’s stubborn to a fault.

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Quoted @animalcrossing

Starting today, you can order Super Mario Bros. items from Nook Shopping! Try ordering 2 or more of the “Pipe" if you'd like to warp around your island. These items are not time limited and can be ordered at any time. #SuperMario35 #AnimalCrossing

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