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Purple Rain made Prince a household name. But when the soundtrack and film were released in 1984, Prince had already been performing for over a decade and had recorded five previous albums. "Sometimes it takes years for a person to become an overnight success," he noted.

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Though Schmitt Music Co. no longer uses the building, fans from around the world have continued to visit Marquette Avenue in downtown Minneapolis to have their picture taken where Prince once stood.

Learn more about Prince's early career here:

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"That was one of our first sessions. I thought this would be a very cool background, and I was using a wide-angle lens so you could see the whole wall," @RobertWhitmanNY said. "These pictures are pre-fame, and they all relate to Minneapolis."

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Prince and photographer Robert Whitman met in 1977 to create images together to promote Prince's debut album, For You. In what has become an iconic series, one of their photo sessions happened in front of Schmitt Music Co. in downtown Minneapolis.

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Larry King reflected on his experience with Prince in April 2016. "He was shy, but he was responsive, he was funny, he was cordial, he was very, very bright," Larry said. "He really knew how to talk about music."

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Prince rarely granted televised interviews, especially those that were broadcast live. But on December 10, 1999, Prince (known then only by his symbol) joined Larry King live on CNN to speak at length about his life in music.
@kingsthings #LarryKing

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"He was the best bass player, he was the best guitar player, he was the best drummer, he was the best singer, he was the best dancer. He was just the best."
—Dave Grohl

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Last year, while getting ready to perform "Darling Nikki" with the @foofighters at "Let's Go Crazy: The GRAMMYs Salute to Prince," Dave Grohl took time to reflect on his love for Prince. "He was just the best," he said.

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"If you're ever down draggin' on the ground, face twisted with a funky frown / Let me turn you on to somethin' that I found, to make you feel good, feel good." Push It Up with Prince and his all-star band at the Café de Paris in London, 1998:

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And in the fall of 2014, 3RDEYEGIRL would release #PLECTRUMELECTRUM with Prince and celebrate with a fiery performance on @NBCSNL.

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By that summer, Prince and the three women of 3RDEYEGIRL—guitarist @DonnaGrantis, bassist @idanielsenbass, and drummer @HannahJWelton—had played dozens of shows together, including making their television debut on @FallonTonight.

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Prince played a total of six rehearsal shows at @DakotaMpls January 16-18, 2013. On the first night he auditioned a new drummer, on the second he jammed with the @Original_NPG, and on January 18, he rocked out with 3RDEYEGIRL to an intimate crowd of 300 lucky attendees.

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Though they didn't even have an official name yet, Prince's power trio 3RDEYEGIRL made their live debut with Prince on this date in 2013 at the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis.

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In May 2015, at a @PaisleyPark concert called Dance Rally 4 Peace, Prince expressed his solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in an emotional, 16-minute performance of "Dreamer."

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Prince was deeply affected by the work of Martin Luther King, Jr. and made reference to his life and legacy in several of his songs, including "The Sacrifice of Victor," "Family Name," and "Dreamer."

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Facing the future with optimism and peace was a major theme in Prince's work, especially in his more spiritual songs. What are the Prince lyrics that most fill you with hope and positivity? #Peace #princemusic

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Prince "strutted across the stage with grand Mick Jagger-like moves and gestures. He was cool, he was cocky, and he was sexy,” wrote Jon Bream in the Minneapolis @StarTribune.

Learn more about this nascent era of Prince's career at

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On this day in 1979, Prince made his live debut as a solo artist at the Capri Theater in north Minneapolis. The pair of shows, on January 5 and 6, 1979, were attended by executives from @warnerrecords and local press.

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In the spring of 2016, Prince told his memoir co-author, "I want to tell people to create. Just start by creating your day. Then create your life."

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