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I fully support @TheElliotPage. I applaud your courage and authenticity. Much love HJ.

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Happy birthday to my incredible wife. Your courage, wit, open heartedness, loyalty, creativity, joie de vivre, cheekiness and spontaneity inspire me every day. I love you so much more than any caption can convey. @Deborra_lee

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Happy thanksgiving all.

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Deborra-Lee Furness Talks Family and Adoption Ahead of Christie's Artwork Sale Benefitting Her Nonprofit​

Proud Proud husband and friend. @people @ChristiesInc @OurHopeland @Gagosian #SarahSze 12.3.20

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If @RealHughJackman doesn't win I think I will cry. VOTE!!! Ends Dec. 20. @SamsClub #Sweepstakes #TheFeud

I will cry too.

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There will be only one of us bragging at the end of this. @VancityReynolds you’re the other one. @laughingmanco @SamsClub @sickkids #LaughingManFoundation

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Bread baking fail. #celebratethefail

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Thursday - in mask fashion. @laughingmanco #MaskUp #please

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💇🏻‍♂️ #Fresh #jerrypopolis

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I grew up idolizing #SeanConnery. A legend on screen, and off. Rest In Peace.

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We’re bringing The Feud to @SamsClub. I only agreed to do this because it’s for two great foundations. And, it’s always an awesome day when I get to humiliate @VancityReynolds @laughingmanco @AviationGin @sickkids #LaughingManFoundation

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Whilst Bluebird may be a fictitious name of a beach in the northern suburbs of Sydney, every word rang true. And produced a flood of memories from my upbringing. Bluebird deserves to be catalogued as one of the great Australian novels #Bluebird #MalcolmKnoxAuthor

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Happy birthday lil’ buddy! @VancityReynolds

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