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17 years ago Sarah Jessica Parker also won a Golden Globe for Sex and the City and now it’s getting a reboot. Life comes full circle

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Celebrating 17 years on @1027KIISFM this morning! To put it in perspective, @Olivia_Rodrigo was 1 when I started. Now she has a driver’s license and we’re playing it on the radio. Time flies!

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No mask, crowds, and short hair. What year was this?

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Quoted @RyanFoundation

Zachi is back at it with a cover of "Lost Boy" by @itsruthb! @APHospital

Zachi breaking in the mics at our newest Seacrest Studio at @APHospital!

So glad she gets to practice her talents and serenade the other patients - it’s music therapy all around

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Replying to @RyanFoundation: Dancing with the master, @whoisaddison! How did we do?

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Dancing with the master, @whoisaddison! How did we do?

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And that's a wrap. Thanks for watching with us! Any favorites from tonight? #AmericanIdol

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You know it’s REALLY good when @LionelRichie gets up. @Williespence #AmericanIdol

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Replying to @AmericanIdol: ⭐ RETWEET ⭐ to show your support for #AceStiles!


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⭐ RETWEET ⭐ to show your support for #AceStiles!


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From forklift driver to the next #AmericanIdol? The odds seem to be in your favor, @ChayceBeckham. See you in Hollywood!

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If #AmericanIdol doesn’t work out for you, we have a spin-off show to fall back on @yurisbel305

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Today we found out Luke Bryan is 33% Scandinavian and we may have found his long lost brother from Miami.

Learning so much about you @LukeBryanOnline! #AmericanIdol

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3 yeses and a prediction to win it all according to @LukeBryanOnline.

Before that audition, only a few people knew @thecaseybishop could sing.

Unbelievable, Casey! #AmericanIdol

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Quoted @AmericanIdol

"God started you at this point with us and we're going to go forward with you. No matter how far it takes you, it's going to be better than wherever you started in life. You have my word on that." - @LionelRichie

@calvin_upshaw is going to ⭐ HOLLYWOOD ⭐


Calvin had to overcome a lot but he’s here today to change his son’s life.

Your resilience is inspiring @calvin_upshaw! Keep pushing forward. #AmericanIdol

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From Asgardian to Hollywood! Well done @vikingvox

#SKOL #AmericanIdol

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How to get Georgia’s attention: Thai food and #AmericanIdol

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Waiting for you to get here.

Tune in now to @ABCNetwork! #AmericanIdol

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Either I’m really early or really late...

30 minutes until showtime @LionelRichie @katyperry @LukeBryanOnline! #AmericanIdol

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A few more shots from picture day.

East Coast, less than one hour until #AmericanIdol at 8|7c on @ABCNetwork!

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Wouldn’t be surprised if they’re celebrating with new @americanidol tonight. Tune in at 8|7c on @abcnetwork!

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