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210117 MX Talk Tok

Minyeok gets off from work

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210117 MX Talk Tok

The (car’s) window won’t be opened at Inkigayo for the time being, just be careful of corona, it’ll open again

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210117 Wonho Story

Tomato ㅎㅎㅎ

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210116 MX Talk Tok

Just because

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210116 MX Talk Tok

The selcas I uploaded today were taken in the dark, so all the photos looked shaky and unclear, I’m sorry

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[[HYUNGWON]] Hello


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210115 MX Talk Tok

The recipe is from youtuber 고기남자 (Meat Man), if you look at the latest video it’ll come out!!!!!

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210115 MX Talk Tok

I already ate everything ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
It was really good, but the citron flavor was stronger than I thought.
If you don’t like it, I think it’s better to go with red pepper paste seasoning.

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Kihyun said he used 고기남자 (Meat Man)’s recipe for his cooking today on Instagram.

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210115 MX Talk Tok

Oh god, it’s been a while since I hold the camera, the pictures are amazing
Too bad we can only post the previews after today’s schedule is released...

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210115 MX Talk Tok

Monbebe, have a great day for today too!!

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“Still, I believe Monbebe will wish you a lot.
Workout hard now and beat Shownu hyung this year.
Be bealthy and congrats on your haircut,”

#형원이란_다정함이_내린_날 @OfficialMonstaX

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Quoted @OfficialMonstaX

그래 형원아 기현이형이다
생일 진심으로 축하하고
매년 몬베베들 앞에서 생일축하했던 것
같은데 아쉽게 올해는 못하게 되었지만
그래도 몬베베들이 많이 축하해줄거야
지금 하는 운동 열심히해서 올해는 셔누형 넘자 건강하고 머리자른 것도 축하해 #기현 #형원시 #형원이란_다정함이_내린_날


“Right, Hyungwon-ah. It’s Kihyun hyung.
Happy birthday from the bottom of my heart.
You always celebrated tour birthday in front of Monbebe every year, but unfortunately you couldn’t do it this year.

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When he cut for the first time, Hyungwon already felt something wrong with his hair. After saw the members’ reactions, he decided to just cut his back/behind hair also. #VLIVE #HYUNGWON #HBDtoHYUNGWON #형원이란_다정함이_내린_날 @OfficialMonstaX

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“The hair now became this hair and Kihyun saw it, he gave me good reaction and said it was much better,” #VLIVE #HYUNGWON #HBDtoHYUNGWON #형원이란_다정함이_내린_날 @OfficialMonstaX

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“I took a lot of time before cutting my hair. I decided to just cut my bangs and the sides. I went home like that and Kihyun looked at me, Minhyuk laughed at my hair and it made me felt worse. So I returned to the hairshop and said goodbye to my long hair,”


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“I really don’t have any interest about mint choco,” #VLIVE #HYUNGWON #HBDtoHYUNGWON #형원이란_다정함이_내린_날 @OfficialMonstaX

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5th gen fancon coming soon!

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“I’m not sleepy, I just feel bad for doing live at this hour. We used to spend birthdays together in the past years too, either in ISAC or anywhere. Right now, I just wanna spend time with you guys,” #VLIVE #HYUNGWON #HBDtoHYUNGWON #형원이란_다정함이_내린_날 @OfficialMonstaX

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