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Look who is joining @StephenAtHome on #LSSC tonight! 🤩🤩 @BillyCrystal @RepSpeier

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.@AdrianneLenker performs "anything" in her Late Show debut! #LSSC

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Colin Firth has tasted Stanley Tucci's Negroni cocktail and he has a review. #LSSC

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Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci decided to switch their roles at the last minute in their new film #Supernova

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Sea shanties have been replaced with a new TikTok craze, butt-crack leggings. #Quarantinewhile

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Chief Justice John Roberts doesn't want to preside over the impeachment trial. #LSSC

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- The article of impeachment was delivered to the Senate
- The winning lottery numbers came from a dream #Quarantinewhile
- Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci switched roles in their new film
- PLUS music from @AdrianneLenker
- Watch the Full Episode here:

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The dogs are back in the White House! #LSSC

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We're thrilled to bring you this performance of "anything" by @AdrianneLenker from her new album "songs." #LSSC

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We all saw Stanley Tucci make a Negroni but Colin Firth can confirm how it tastes. #LSSC

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A woman who won the lottery says she got the numbers from her husband’s dream. Here are the numbers.

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Meet the Presidential Dogs. 🇺🇸🐾 #LSSC

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Last night, House Impeachment managers delivered the article of impeachment to the Senate. #LSSC

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In 5 minutes, we show respect to the dogs in the White House. #LSSC

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Tonight we get a performance from @AdrianneLenker! #LSSC

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Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci star in the new film #Supernova and they’ll be on A Late Show together! #LSSC

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On #LSSC tonight: What the Olympics would look like if they were in Florida.

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TONIGHT: We are joined by Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci! They're here to talk about their new film, "Supernova." Then a musical performance from @AdrianneLenker! #LSSC

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.@dayglowband got dressed up for their performance of "Can I Call You Tonight?" #LSSC

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