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Please give this picture a caption.
Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman in the film 'Guide'. (1965)

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Quoted @FilmHistoryPic

“As I drove for work I saw BHARAT BHUSHAN standing in a queue at a bus stop! Great romantic heartthrob of 50s, the hero of successful musicals. Alone, Unnoticed” ~ @SrBachchan

BHARAT BHUSHAN passed away on his way to the hospital, travelling alone by a rickshaw on 27 Jan 1992.

Main Samay Hoon !

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What do you think of what happened today ?

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We used to have two match-boxes joined by a long thread and do Hello ! hello !

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If you don’t laugh I will tell you how far have we come.

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I used to be very bright. When the CDMA telephone came, I installed a regular telephone instrument in my Car. It worked very well. when @SushmaSwaraj contested 1996 election, I had 120 ProCall Wireless sets. Now I am a century behind modern technology.

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Just tell me please. Can you have internet thru’ a dish antenna ? Tell me in simple words.

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I am sad.........and the dead slow internet adds to my sadness.

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Aye mere watan ke logo First Time Live By Lata Mangeshkar Live On Republ... via @YouTube

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Replying to @BansuriSwaraj: आप सभी को गणतंत्र दिवस की शुभकामनाएँ 🙏🇮🇳
@BansuriSwaraj, @SushmaSwaraj, @governorswaraj
#गणतंत्र_दिवस #HappyRepublicDa

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आप सभी को गणतंत्र दिवस की शुभकामनाएँ 🙏🇮🇳
@BansuriSwaraj, @SushmaSwaraj, @governorswaraj
#गणतंत्र_दिवस #HappyRepublicDay2021

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We had heard of ‘my way or the highway.’ But now it is ‘my way and the highway.’ There are skirmishes on the border. The states are cut off. The reason - fellow countrymen have blocked the supply lines for more than two months. Let us see what tractor rally does to Delhi today.

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There is one area where women have let me down. I have seen false and even baseless allegations in dowry and matrimonial cases. Similarly, while sexual harassment is a reality, there are false cases for extortion as well.

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Quoted @gkundra

@governorswaraj Sir
Maths ke liye to Masterji hi chahiye


Why do you think Shakuntla Devi could n’t teach you Maths. By the way, please check the number of Pocso cases in your city.

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Quoted @Shivangi1_

@governorswaraj Sir what about research?

When we talk if research, i think of the Marie and Pierre Curie team. They both won a Nobel prize. In fact Marie won it twice. The Curie won Nobel five times. The Pfizer injection is a husband-wife team. So is our Abhijit Bannerji team

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There is a mindset that does not accept women as equals. Some men are jealous of the achievements of their wives. Those are small minds. We can progress together. We can be the youngest Cabinet and youngest Governor together. It is we and not I that is grammatically correct.

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Yes, I am not open to combat duties for women because they can be taken as prisoners. But i want their increased participation in all jobs where such possibility is less probable.

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Maternity is the reason why women are more burdened than men. I want their participation in areas which come to them naturally. Library science for that matter is an area where they have excelled and need be recognised.

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In any hospital, you find largely female relatives as attendants. The percentage of female donors for organ transplant is 95% plus. There may be ladies less compassionate. Yet large presence of women in nursing profession is a universal fact.

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The reason for massive female drop-out of schools is conservative mindset of parents and absence of girl’s toilet in schools. The presence of women teachers will bring them out to schools. Enhanced female literacy is absolutely necessary for country’s progress.

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