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Tarbes, France

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B. é teimoso, mas não é burro

mesmo que ele queira, militares nunca dariam golpe

maioria dos ministros são capachos: ele termina sem saber a verdadeira situação. (vejam Guedes: chia mas não faz nada)

Esquerda precisa aprender a fazer tricô

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Cansei de mentiras e enrolações.
Já briguei com amigos por causa da situação no Brasil. Vou aprender tricô, enquanto vejo a base dele se esfarelando sozinha

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Quoted @baateinwithyou

@paulocoelho Have you read it ? It opens up so many possibilities because it makes you realise that “you do not know” and hence can expand and connect to the infinite.

Not only I read, but in 1974 I wrote the lyrics for a song ( #Gita)based on the moment when Arjuna asks Khrisna: “who are you?”
It was an overwhelming success - Brazilians here can confirm.
Conclusion: the Bhagavad Gita is universal

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“Do not yield to this degrading impotence,
Give up such petty weakness of heart and arise”

(Bhagavad Gita, a book that everybody should read)

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Don't place your dreams in the hands
of those whom can destroy them

(Coelho, Aleph)

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"The rot of racism eats away at institutions, social structures & everyday life — sometimes invisibly & insidiously."

-- @antonioguterres tells the Human Rights Council he welcomes the new awakening in the global fight for racial justice. So do I!

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Quel honneur! Berber languages are spoken today by some 14 million people, mostly in scattered enclaves found in the Maghrib, a large region of northern Africa between Egypt’s Siwa Oasis and Mauretania

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Anxiously waiting my turn to be vaccinated ( probably 2nd week of March) Right now only people over 75 yrs old - I am 73.
If you have an opportunity, don’t be afraid. Vaccines save lives

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Quoted @Parkyprakhar

. @paulocoelho Thank you for your writing 💙

Thank you for your support

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Replying to @stardustchwrds: eu amo o fato do jake estar c um livro do paulo coelho na mao🥺

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Facebook: the most followed author #TeamCoelho

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eu amo o fato do jake estar c um livro do paulo coelho na mao🥺

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Síndrome de Estocolmo é um estado PSICOLÓGICO em que a pessoa submetida a intimidação, medo, tensão, agressões, passa a ter empatia e sentimento de AMOR e amizade por seu AGRESSOR

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O Brasil está sofrendo de uma enfermidade conhecida como Síndrome de Estocolmo
Quanto mais apanha, mais acha normal apanhar

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To be against is not enough
You must to be FOR something

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I could hear the waves
But I didn’t wake her up
Knowing that she was also hearing them in her dreams
And afraid that my voice could break the spell

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Me informa Matinas Suzuki, da @EditoraParalela / @cialetras que O Alq vendeu TRES VEZES MAIS em janeiro 2021, se comparado com Jan 2020

Obrigado p/apoio de todos.

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Paulo Coelho
in numbers #TeamCoelho

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