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Ever think how a goalie could hold a Pepsi?

Yeah, us too...

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Goodluck Pepsi PSA 🚨 If ur in Rochester and want ur goodluck Pepsi from the Brother Bill stash dm me ur address I’m gonna try and get these bad boys to my fellow mafians and spread the goodluck

.@Brother__Bill & #BillsMafia out here spreading the wealth 👏

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Tell us you're obsessed with Pepsi without telling us you're obsessed with Pepsi.

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You can still vote for your #PepsiROY right now!

Tweet the name of your nominee + #PepsiROY to cast your vote or go to

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Climate action can’t wait. Today we’re more than doubling our climate goal and pledging net-zero emissions by 2040, ten years ahead of the Paris Agreement target. Learn more here: #ClimateAmbition

We're getting ahead of our goals, because climate action can't wait. We're proud to be part of @PepsiCo's accelerated climate journey⬇️ #PepsiCoProud #ClimateAmbition

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PSA: Hockey is back today 🏒

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Rams Nation, thumbs up on the Super Wild Card round win. We’re thinking of making a foam finger for your thumb finger to celebrate. If we see enough 👍 in the comments we might just make them. #BuiltForLA

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We've got another whole day of #SuperWildCard #NFLPlayoffs games today! Time to cheer on your teams 🙌. Don’t forget the Pepsi.

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🏈We've got your #SuperWildCard weekend plans🏈

Grab your Pepsi and settle in for 2 days of #NFLPlayoffs triple headers.

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Who should win the @Pepsi Rookie of the Year?

TWEET to vote: #PepsiROY + Player Name/Twitter handle

🏈We've got your 2021 #PepsiROY players🏈!

May your fave @NFL player win!

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😉 @pepsi

February 7 can’t come soon enough @theweeknd! 🙌 Can’t wait to see you on the big stage! #PepsiHalftime @NFL @RocNation @CBS

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“There’s a lot of great Pepsi in this room tonight.”

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Anyone else need another week off?

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New Year, same blue.

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There are songs that make you feel like a superstar...and songs that make you feel like a Pepsi superstar.

We’ve got ‘em all on Spotify.

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Over 2020, let’s ⏭ to 2021.

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Feel like one of your tweets didn’t get the recognition it deserved this year? Drop it ↓ and let us judge.

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🍽️ Ready to dine for a good cause? 🍽️ We are proud to announce Pepsi Dig In – a platform that supports black-owned restaurants by providing training, business growth opportunities, and raising visibility for the industry. Stay tuned for more information.

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Thankful for hot pizza and a cold Pepsi.

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