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What a dark dark frightful day.
calls for some Stevie W. and LOUD as you can !!

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Sgt. Herbert Daniel Baynton Jones.
One of THE FEW.

Killed age 25 when he crashed into the ground near Wombourne, Staffs.

He is buried in St Philip’s churchyard, Pennfields, Wolverhampton.

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‘Field of Flags' at National Mall Represents Americans Unable to Attend Inauguration

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Replying to @AMinhall: All set? Taking your #Requests & #Dedications @Classicfm from 12-2. Then we have the rest of the afternoon to share more musi…

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All set? Taking your #Requests & #Dedications @Classicfm from 12-2. Then we have the rest of the afternoon to share more musical moments of happiness 😀🎶📻

With joyful occasions in mind .. Such happy memories of being on board a ship from Tromso on the edge of the Arctic Circle

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PO. Athol Gordon McIntyre. AFC.
New Zealand One of THE FEW.

At one point he was engaged by searchlights and fired on by anti-aircraft guns, in spite of having given the correct signals for the day.

Mercifully he survived the war.

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PO. Alexander Gordon Osmond.
One of THE FEW.

He achieved a First Class Honours Degree (Bachelor of Science – Engineering) in July 1937.

Shot down in his Hurricane and was killed.

Age  28. He is buried in Chittagong War Cemetery.

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PO. Gordon Alfred Denby. DFC.
One of THE FEW.

Killed when his Beaufighter developed engine trouble and it came down in the sea.

He was never found.
Age 27.

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PO. Otto John Peterson.
Canadian One of THE FEW.

He was shot down and killed in combat with Ju88s and Me110s over North Kent.

Age 25.

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Zdzislaw Krasnodebski . VM
Polish One of THE FEW.

…Later that day he was shot down by Me110’s &baled out. An Me110 approached to open fire on him. He returned to operations despite having been badly burned.

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Sgt. John Daly.
One of THE FEW.

(not 100% sure this is him but the photo said so?)
He survived the Battle and the War.

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Squid ink blue : )

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PO. Donald McIntosh Gray.
One of THE FEW.

He was killed, age 21, when his Spitfire crashed on a night takeoff .

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Sgt. Colin Roy Hewlett. DFC.
One of THE FEW.

Killed age 22.
Buried in the churchyard of St. John the Baptist, Frenchay, Bristol.

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Replying to @stephenfry: Be with you in a few hours, Eddie.… steady as you go

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Quoted @eddieizzard

Eddie is one step closer to the 20th marathon mark! Today's run is for Latvia w/ @stephenfry (5:30PM GMT) & @Nick_Hewer (2PM GMT) joining. Post photos & interesting facts w/ #Latvia & #MakeHumanityGreatAgain Donate: -The Beekeepers

Be with you in a few hours, Eddie.… steady as you go

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Wing Commander Peter Ayerst.

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Quoted @1940Andy

@pettore He was a fairly near neighbour and a bit of a pal. I used to frequently bump into him in Sainsbury’s! Lovely chap.

Lovely when that happens eh : ))
I remember inviting Pete Ayerst to arvo tea once..years ago.
You can't imagine the THRILL I got opening the door to see this Fighter Pilot from the Battle of Britain era..standing on the porch wearing a big grin and a little green jumper : )

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Let's give them the recognition and THANKS they so deserve.

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